Lower Trinity Soil and Water Conservation District #435
1351A Highway 146 Bypass
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Who We Are.......

The Lower Trinity Soil and Water Conservation District was organized in 1945 to promote the conservation and wise use of the natural resources of Liberty County. The District, which was created under State law, does not have the power to levy taxes. The District is supported by local donations and funds raised through local projects. A portion of these funds are then matched by the State.

The District is governed by a five person Board of Directors who serve without pay. The Directors are elected by Liberty County landowners and serve 4-year terms.

The Board of Directors presently are:

Burl Thomas, Chairman, from Cleveland, Texas
Ford Flurry, Vice Chairman, from Dayton, Texas
J.C. Ladd, Secretary, from Devers. Texas
Paul "Bubba" Haidusek, Director, from Devers, Texas
J.W. Jimmy Rollins, Director, from Tarkington, Texas

Major functions of the District are to coordinate federal, state, and local technical and financial conservation assistance to landusers, distribute conservation information to land users and the general public, and promote conservation education in schools to bring about the conservation and sustained use of our natural resources.

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides technical assistance to the District and landusers cooperating with the District. Specialists in soils, agronomy, forestry, plant science, biology, engineering, and other natural resource fields are available to provide information and advice to landusers to solve resource management problems on their property.

The basis for this technical assistance is called a “Conservation Plan.” A conservation plan begins with a complete inventory of the soils, plants, waters and other physical features of a tract of land. Alternatives and advice are offered to the landuser on a voluntary basis. The landuser selects the alternatives that will best fit his/her goals. The conservation plan is then tailored to meet the landuser’s objectives, while at the same time using each acre of land within its capabilities and treating it according to its needs.

Each year the District carries out activities to promote conservation in Liberty County. Some of these include:

  1. Provides on-land assistance to over 500 landusers. This assistance helps landusers to wisely use their land, thereby, improving and conserving our natural resources. Proper use of the land contributes to a healthy local economy, improves water quality, helps wildlife, and adds to the overall quality of life.
  2. Assists landusers to install conservation practices on their land. Conservation practices include tree or grass planting, erosion control structures, water conservation practices, and management practices on pastures, cropland, and woodland.
  3. Provides soils information for site evaluation and other uses to some 125 individuals and units of government each year.
  4. Recognizes individuals that do outstanding conservation work on their land.
  5. Develops water quality management plans for landowners who voluntarily wish to apply land treatment practices that will alleviate potential water pollution problems and comply with state water quality standards.
  6. Provides college scholarships to deserving Liberty County graduating seniors.
  7. Partners with the NRCS and other conservation districts to conduct Land, Woodland and Wildlife Career Development Events for Liberty County schools.
  8. Provides some 1500 educational conservation booklets to the students of Liberty County schools each year.
  9. Provides Soil Stewardship materials for distribution to Liberty County citizens through area churches.
  10. Sponsors a "Poster Contest" for over 1,300 fifth grade students in Liberty County and co-sponsors the Liberty County Hay Show to promote quality hayland management, proper nutrient and pest management practices.
  11. Publishes biannual newsletters and supplies news releases to local newspapers to inform landusers and others on conservation topics.
  12. Provides a delegate to the Southeast Texas Resource Conservation and Development Board of Directors.
  13. Serves as a voice for local landowners at the state and national level of government regarding private property rights and conservation issues.
  14. The District has served as sponsor for Liberty County Commissioners’ Court to receive over $1 million in Emergency Watershed Program (EWP) assistance from the NRCS to repair storm damaged county bridges and roadways.
  15. With financial assistance provided by the Environmental Quality Incentive Progam (EQIP), the District partners with the USDA-NRCS to provide cost-share assistance to landowners to install conservation practices.

Programs and services of the Lower Trinity Soil and Water Conservation District and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service are offered on a nondiscriminatory basis without regards for race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, marital status or disability.









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Lower Trinity Soil and Water Conservation District #435
1351A Highway 146 Bypass
P.O. Box 406
Liberty, TX 77575
(936)336-9145 ext. 3